Sarah Herron Says Late Son Was 'Still Worth Every Shot' as She Reflects on Her IVF Journey

Sarah Herron and fiancé Dylan Brown announced earlier this month that their son Oliver died after being born at 24 weeks Sarah Herron/Instagram
Needles used in Sarah Herron's IVF journey, Sarah Herron holding son Oliver Brown. Photo: Sarah Herron/Instagram

Sarah Herron is looking back on the lengthy journey to conceive her late son.

Weeks after the death of son Oliver Brown, the Bachelor alum, 36, reflected on the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) journey she went through to conceive him in a poignant Instagram Reel.

"It took 240 days of IVF injections to start our family. Nearly 2 years and over 300 needles," she wrote alongside a video of her arranging the different needles she used.

Panning the camera out, she revealed she arranged the needles into a heart, writing, "But when we lost our beautiful son at 24 weeks… he was still worth every shot."

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The video went on to show photos of Herron and fiancé Dylan Brown holding Oliver in the hospital.

On her Instagram Story, Herron shared more thoughts as she held a poppy seed in her hand.

"When I first found out I was pregnant, I used to stare at the poppy seeds that fell off my bagel in complete amazement that our little embryo was now this big!"

"Now I stare at the poppy seeds that fall off my bagel in amazement that he was once so small," she continued. "To think, he grew from this to a corn on the cob inside of me. Pregnancy is such a beautiful miracle.❤️." Sarah Herron/Instagram
Sarah Herron's Instagram Story. Sarah Herron/Instagram

Last week, Herron shared an emotional Instagram Reel of her trip to pick up the ashes of her son.

The Reel showed Herron in the car with the couple's dog, Rio, in the back seat as she drove to pick up her baby's remains. On the Reel, she wrote, "Today I received the only call I'll ever get to come pick up my son. Not from a playdate or from school."

She could be seen parking the car and wiping tears from her eyes as she turned to pet Rio. "So I did what only moms can do... I showed up for him."

The video then showed her holding the small box with Oliver's ashes, allowing Rio to sniff them. "With so much honor to be the only one who could answer this call. Let's go home, Ollie ❤️."

The couple shared the heartbreaking news of their baby boy's death earlier this month.

"On January 28th, at 24 weeks old, our beautiful son Oliver Brown was born," she began in the caption. "He passed away in his dad's arms shortly after."

In a touching carousel, Herron shared a photo of her holding her infant on her chest as Brown kissed her forehead, his hand next to Herron's.

"Oliver, our IVF miracle defied so many odds and fought through so many hard milestones to be here, but the higher powers still had other plans for the three of us," Herron said.

Herron said though her time carrying Oliver was "short," she is "grateful" for the time they shared while she was pregnant.

"He has taught us so much about the integrity of life, love and death. Oliver filled our home and hearts with so much love and most importantly, optimism," she wrote. "The stars aligned to create Baby Oliver with a deep, meaningful purpose bigger than we'll ever understand. His body was small, but his legacy will always be larger than life to us."

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