August 11, 2011 04:00 PM

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She’s only four months pregnant with her first child, but Sarah Drew‘s patience is already being tested.

Although she and husband Peter Lanfer do not know the sex of the baby, Drew is unsure how much longer she can wait.

“I don’t have that kind of patience — my husband does — but I don’t know, he’s kind of convincing me over to his camp a little bit,” she tells E! News of opting for a delivery surprise. “I might just break down and have to know.”

Following in the footsteps of her previously pregnant costars, the Grey’s Anatomy actress will keep her burgeoning belly off camera — despite the initial temptation!

“They did think for a split second about using it in the story and [April Kepner] just getting drunk and knocked up on her first time,” Drew laughs. “But they were really excited to keep the virgin storyline and have a beautiful love story … so I think they’re going to hide it.”

From disguising her growing bump to dealing with the effects of pregnancy, Drew, 30, has come to rely on the female cast’s experiences, particularly Ellen Pompeo.

“She actually gave me some great advice about nausea because I’m still dealing with [it], which is so not fun,” the actress explains. “She told me to make a really good ginger tea and have it in a thermos … and just bring it to work and sip on it all day. I did it this past Thursday and it was so helpful.”

According to Drew, Pompeo’s tips and tricks on morning sickness is only a small dose of her wealth of knowledge.

“[Ellen]’s got great advice about nannies and baby nurses and breastfeeding,” she reveals. “She’s been through it all and she’s like a mama bear. She loves to take care of other people whenever they’re going through something new.”

— Anya Leon

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