September 13, 2011 02:00 PM

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It’s make room for baby time in Sarah Drew‘s household.

“We’re in the process of converting our house a little to make space,” the Grey’s Anatomy star, 30, tells PEOPLE during the Pink Party 2011 on Saturday in Hollywood, Calif. “We are moving an office out into the garage.”

Despite her initial curiosity, the actress — who is five months pregnant with her first child — is staying strong when it comes to the delivery surprise decision she made with husband Peter Lanfer.

“We’re not finding out the sex. We are going to be surprised so everything is neutral and could be for a boy or girl,” says Drew of the couple’s nursery plans.

“We’ve gotten some beautiful stuff so far.”

And with things on the home front falling into place for baby’s big arrival, Drew admits her sudden increase in hours on her hit series has her plenty busy otherwise.

“My level of exhaustion is still pretty high so I’m trying to fight through that, especially on 14-hour work days,” she reveals. “It’s definitely challenging and this is the most intense year for me on the show. I’ve worked more than I have ever. It’s interesting timing.”

Fortunately, Drew finds herself in great company with fellow actresses Ellen Pompeo, Chyler Leigh, and Jessica Capshaw, who are all at the ready with tips and tricks for motherhood.

“The minute you get pregnant everybody comes out of the woodwork and has their ideas coming at you. It’s so great because I feel like I don’t have to read any books!” she laughs. “Chyler gave me great advice about breastfeeding, Ellen gave me great advice about my nausea that I was dealing with, and Jessica gave me diaper advice.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Ward

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