"She does not want to do any crawling, she just wants to go from sitting to standing, and then walking," the Grey's Anatomy star tells PEOPLE

There’s an old adage that essentially says that one must learn to crawl before they can learn to walk.

Apparently Sarah Drew‘s 9-month-old daughter Hannah Mali Rose is not a fan of adages.

“She does not want to do any crawling, she just wants to go from sitting to standing, and then walking,” the actress told PEOPLE while attending the Shondaland #TGIT Celebration in Beverly Hills.

“She refuses to crawl, even though everybody her age is crawling.”

According to the Grey’s Anatomy star, her baby girl‘s independent streak is such that she is actually trying to skip a key developmental stage.

“She just wants to walk, so she does this thing where she will pull herself up, and because she doesn’t want to hold on to anything, she’ll stand up,” she explains. “You can see the terror in her face as she is about to fall over. I catch her, obviously … Usually.”

Sarah Drew TGIT Grey's Anatomy

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Although Drew admits she is “the more emotional” one, while her husband of 13 years, Peter Lanfer, is a “level-headed, steady guy,” the couple come together as a united front when it comes to parenting their two children, including son Micah Emmanuel, 3½.

“We both have different things that we are the taskmaster on, and different things that we are soft on,” Drew says. “I will say that my son gives my husband the worst time of anybody. He is an angel and then my husband walks in the door and he turns into a disaster.”

She adds, “I don’t know what it is, and he’s like, ‘I don’t get it! I’m so good with him, why is he torturing me?!’ We still can’t figure it out.”

However, Micah has nothing but love for his little sister, who arrived prematurely and spent the first 11 days of her life in the neonatal intensive care unit.

But the initial transition from a family of three to four wasn’t easy on Drew and Lanfer.

“When Hannah was first born, he definitely acted out a bit, but the way that he acted out was at us, tantrums at us, making our lives miserable,” Drew explains. “He never took it out on her, he’s always been in love with her. He can be in the worst mood ever, and you walk into the room with Hannah and he will squeal.”

— Reagan Alexander