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Long before she thought of starting a family with fiancé Jamie Afifi — the couple welcomed their first child, son Charlie Rhodes, on Christmas Eve — Sarah Chalke always knew motherhood was part of her life plan.

As the middle daughter of parents who ran an adoption agency, there were always babies on her brain.

“We had lots of babies around and I’ve always known I want to be a mother,” the Scrubs star tells Fit Pregnancy.

Even so, Sarah didn’t believe the news when she first discovered she was expecting! Unable to “wrap my head around, that there [was] a baby living inside me,” she stocked up on pregnancy tests until she was truly convinced.

“I did four pregnancy tests because I didn’t believe it, then there’s the ultrasound and they give you a due date!”

“It all feels pretty miraculous, especially feeling the baby kick,” she notes, despite enduring a rough first trimester that included all-day nausea. Once over the bump, however, the rest of the time was a breeze, with the expectant mama taking time to indulge in her intense cravings!

“When I first got pregnant, about a week before the morning sickness kicked in, I was just starving all the time,” she admits, adding that she often looked for “bland, simple foods like carbs” and salt-and-vinegar chips.

Always up for a bit of ice-cream, Sarah quickly developed a newfound love of her sister’s baked goods. “I remember talking to my sister while she was making chocolate chip cookies and I just couldn’t stop thinking about them,” she laughs.

And although the homestretch proved to be a bit nerve-wracking — “like I [was] cramming for exams” — the biggest surprise came in the form of sleep — or lack thereof! “The insomnia! I’ve never had trouble sleeping before,” she insists.

“I [would] wake up and go and do stuff — check e-mails, clean closets, steam some milk and go back to sleep — I guess this is nesting, and also my body preparing to be up at night.”

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While she approached Charlie’s birth with an open mind — with her goal to go “as natural as possible” — Sarah never thought twice about her stance on breastfeeding.

“I think it’s such a cool bonding experience and it also feels like you are giving your baby a better shot at health. And it’s so much easier.”

After staying fit with prenatal Pilates, Sarah understands the pressure put on her by Hollywood to bounce back after baby. However, she is determined to shed the pregnancy pounds in her own time.

“I want to spend time getting to know my baby,” she explains. “I can’t wait to put the baby in a carrier or buggy and bring him to a mommy-and-me class.”

Sarah will take the same laid back approach when it comes to heading back to work. Ready to “play it by ear,” the new mama recognizes the opportunities her job as an actress has to offer. “I feel lucky that in my line of work I can have both the career and the family.”

Stocking her closet with an eclectic mix of maternity wear — from Isabella Oliver to Liz Lange for Target — Sarah is looking forward to now putting her efforts toward shopping for baby. “I tossed any skin care products with parabens and just use natural stuff like Dr. Hauschka and Josie Maran‘s line,” she says. “And it’s fun to find natural stuff for the baby, like Rosie Hippo, Kicky Pants, and Serena & Lily‘s organic bedding.”

A first-time mom, Sarah is confident that she and Jamie will be nothing short of great parents. After being raised with a “no unnecessary no policy” in which no’s were kept for “really important things,” Sarah is ready to let baby Charlie find his own way.

“You need to find that balance, so that your kids respect you and still have a relationship that feels right,” she notes.

“One thing is for sure: I’m gonna love the crap out of this kid.”

Source: Fit Pregnancy

— Anya

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