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Updated October 11, 2007 10:27 AM

Singer Sara Evans sat down with Country Weekly Magazine to discuss her children Avery Jack Lyons, 8, Olivia Margaret, 4, and Audrey Elizabeth, 3, by ex-husband Craig Schelske.

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On what she reads to her daughters every night before bed: Justanything. They love all the princess books. But I swear — likeSleeping Beauty and Cinderella — they are so long! And wordy.

The kids never go to sleep while being read to: No! Mychildren don’t sleep and they don’t eat. They’re just like me. I don’tsleep and I don’t eat. So, anyway, we do bed. Then I have to go toAvery’s room. And another thing I had on my list of goals was stopletting Avery watch TV to fall asleep. So now, all he can do is listento Christian music on TV — you know the channels that’re just music.So, anyway, we’re doing good — working toward excellent [laughs].

On whether there is any potential for her kids becoming singers or sportsman:[Avery] is very much into sports, cause his dad loves sports … he lovesOregon sports. So he and Avery watch that a lot and talk about it alot. Avery plays football and he plays baseball. The first practice istonight actually, for fall ball. So I’m gonna go to that.

All three of ‘em are singers.All three of ‘em have natural rhythm. Their pitch is perfect. And Ithink Olivia can even sing harmony. And I’m starting them on pianopretty soon. They will take piano lessons. It’s not an option. But I told Avery … ”If you take piano, you can take drums, too.” So I’m getting all that in the works.

Life on the road: On the road, it’s different. Because Ihave to sort of cater to myself a little more. Because I have to besure my voice is working and that I have a lot of energy for the fansevery night. So the kids go, and I have a nanny. So on the road, Isleep in a little bit, and the nanny gets up with the kids. Because Ihave to have 8 hours. So if I go to bed at 1 in the morning, then I’msleeping ‘till 9 or 10 … for sure. And the kids probably get up at 8,so the nanny gets up with them. Then when I get up, I let the nanny goand take a break and chill out for a few hours. And we do whatever wecan. There’s really not a real scheduled routine on the road, becausewe never know where we’re gonna be and what opportunities are there.

You know, we’ve zooed ourselves to death … and aquariums. We’retired of all that. So we just like to go outside. A great day for us onthe road is to have really nice catering ….some places have cateringwhere it’s outside or it’s real old-fashioned feeling, you know? So wesit around and set up our chairs around the bus. And we just sort ofhang … and play ball … and do that. And we try to all nap in theafternoon. And get up and get ready for the show. And the kids watchthe show from side stage … usually the monitor. Then we get back in bedand start it over. And on the road, they stay up so late.

Sara has concerts scheduled with fellow singer Josh Turner. Doesshe have any advice for him, his wife and their son, Hampton, while onthe road: When I first had Avery and started taking him out, itwas a learning process every year. Every bus that we would get for thattour—‘cause that was before I could afford to really build out a bus—wewould try to make it ….”Ok, this time we have gotto have this for the baby … we’ve gotta have this.” And so, I’m sure they’re doing fine and learning.

Ithink the main thing I would tell anybody—especially anybody who’sbringing children on the road and raising them up on the road—is justto … chill out. ‘Cause you’re not gonna be able to be that regimented.And some days they’re gonna eat really well and then some days they’regonna eat kinda crappy. You’ve just kinda gotta go with it.

The difference between the joy her audience provides her with compared to her children: Well,they are different. The joy that I get from different things mychildren do … like just the way they’re so funny ….like, if Audreycomes up to me she’s like, “I love you, Mommy.” ‘Cause she’s so funny …she’s two. Or when I hear them talking to each other and they’re sweetto one another. Anything like that that they do… that joy is the kindof joy that’s really eternal. You know you’re making an eternaldifference, you know? That’s the kind of joy where you just feel like …this is too … precious. Thank you, God. Please never take it away fromme. And that’s that.

The other kind of joy, with anaudience … or a song … and career success … is great, too. But it’sdifferent. It’s like, “Lord, I’m so thankful that you’ve given this tome and I love it and … man this is fun!” I remember standing side stageat the Kenny Chesney tour this summer and looking at that crowd andjust saying to my sister, “We are in the midst of history in the making… right now! Do you realize that? We will look back on this when we’reold and we’ll remember being on the side of the stage—we were watchingBrooks & Dunn—and looking at that audience and thinking, I can’tbelieve I was just in front of the same audience.”

So those are different things, but it all makes you grateful.