December 11, 2013 01:00 PM

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Seven months into her pregnancy, Dancing with the Stars beauty Anna Trebunskaya is finally beyond being surprised by the idea of becoming a first-time mother.

Not only has maternal instinct kicked in, but so has maternal humility.

“This whole experience has been so humbling in a way, just going through the changes with your body,” she told PEOPLE while attending the 3rd Annual Santa’s Secret Workshop, which benefited L.A. family housing, in West Hollywood on Saturday.

“Feeling like how an 80-year-old would feel like when you get up off the chair and you can’t walk quite fast, and me being so used to just jumping up and down and kicking my legs up.”

Not that the 32-year old has been taking it that easy — and it shows.

“I’m refusing to go to the ‘pregnant’ yoga classes — I still take my normal classes,” the dance pro says, fully aware that a woman in her third trimester is going to draw some stares in her regular yoga class.

“They do,” she says with a laugh. “When I show up with my yoga mat and they’re all standing on their head, and I’m just stretching in my child’s pose with my legs spread.”

While Trebunskaya recently told PEOPLE that her child will have Russian and American names, she has since whittled down the list of possibilities. “I have about 10 names,” she says. “I have about five girl names and five boy names.”

And that’s most likely where it will stay until the day her child comes into this world, as Trebunskaya firmly believes that she cannot name her little one until she finally holds he or she in her arms.

“I want to look at the child and be like, ‘That’s who you are,'” she says. “[My mom] had some names picked out, but she looked at me and she said, ‘No, this is you. This is your name.'”

It’s less a family tradition and more a shared sense that mother and child are in this together, so it only seems fitting that they both play an active part in their first big decision, with a bright and loving future to follow.

“I want my child to be their own person,” says Trebunskaya with a mother’s glow. “I want to meet them. I want to get to know them. I want to be their friend.”

— Reagan Alexander

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