Sandra Bullock Reveals the 'Emotional' Place She Found Out She Was Going to Become a Mom

The actress welcomed two children via adoption: son Louis, 11, and daughter Laila, 8

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock. Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage

Sandra Bullock is looking back on her journey to welcoming her two children.

On a new episode of Red Table Talk, the actress, 57, shares that she found out about both of her children, son Louis, 11, and daughter Laila, 8, while at the place where her mother was buried in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Asked why she wanted to begin the journey of adoption, Bullock says, "I don't know why that was the only route but I'm so glad the universe had me wait. Had me wait even though I was anxious and I was eager — and it went nope, you're not going to do it the way you think you're going to do it."

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"The sweetest part of it is that I found out about both babies when I was in the exact same place," she tells Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. "I was in the place where my mother was buried: Jackson Hole, Wyoming."

"It makes me really emotional but ... I feel beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mother brought me these children," she says of son Louis, whom she adopted in 2010, and daughter Laila, whom she welcomed via adoption in 2015.

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Bullock says she always knew she would be a mother, though she "knew I wouldn't be a mother at a young age."

Speaking about her acting career, Bullock says, "That's what I had, that's all that I had [at the time.]"

"That was my joy; I was on a wheel," she says. "But it's hard when society is breathing down your neck going, you are supposed to do it this way. When Louis came into my life, he was put in my arms at 10 days. I just knew and I said this is my path."

The star shares how her children helped her to find healing amid a dark time in her life.

After a series of "crazy" events, including being bitten by a poisonous spider, her hair falling out, having "alopecia spots everywhere" and a break-in at her home, Bullock recalls thinking, "If I don't pull it together, I'm gonna die."

"Something is gonna happen to my body that I can't control," she says, sharing that she later "sought counsel" through therapy.

"I learned to ask for help, I'm not good at asking for help, it's not how I was raised. I had to ask for help. I'm still not great at it, but I'm getting better," she continues. "And it was my children who showed me that unless I pull it together right now, I'm not gonna be around to have the moments that I want to have."

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