May 22, 2007 07:12 AM

Samantha Morton has had a change of heart regarding exposing her daughter Esme, 7, to show business. Just three years ago, Esme, whose father is British actor Charlie Creed-Miles, wasn’t allow to watch the Oscars when Samantha was nominated for Best Actress for In America. Now, Esme is starring alongside her mother in her first movie, Mister Lonely, in which she portrays Shirley Temple. Samantha, who stars as Marilyn Monroe, insisted on having her little girl play the perennial child star, and, according to a source on set, Esme loved following in mom’s footsteps.

I think Esme had a great time making the film. Hopefully that’s something that people will notice when they see the film.

Samantha had previously explained that she shielded Esme from watching her films and the world of acting altogether because she was young.

I want to protect her innocence so I keep her away from what I do. I don’t let her see magazines or newspapers, but I will let her watch when she’s older.

Mister Lonely is premiering at the Cannes Film Festival today and is considered a frontrunner for the Palme d’Or top prize.

Source: The Daily Mail

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