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Updated July 28, 2008 12:00 PM

Samantha Morton stays busy between raising her two daughters — Esme, 8, and Edie, 6 ½ months — and her acting career, but the actress is still learning how to balance the two, something she considers an “ongoing process.”

Some of the things the Samantha, 31, is doing to make sure she spends time with her daughters is “turning the phone off when you get in the front door” and “telling people they can only email you at a certain time.” While she is still figuring out how to separate the two, she knows that “you find ways to improve as a parent and at what you do all the time.”

Esme’s father is actor Charlie Creed-Miles, while Edie’s dad is filmmaker Harry Holm.

Source: In The News; Photo by Pacific Coast News.

Do you have rules to ensure quality time with the kids, as Samantha does?