Samantha Morton talks about Golden Globes and baby

For most actresses, winning a Golden Globe would be something not easily overlooked. But new motherhood has a way of eclipsing everything else — even award season! Samantha Morton says she was unaware that her role in Longford won her the Golden Globe for best supporting actress until the day after the winners were announced, when her assistant sent her a text-message of congratulations. Admits Samantha,

I thought the Globes were sometime in February.  I had a baby on January 4, so I’ve been in another head space completely.

Daughter Edie, 2 ½-weeks, is Samantha’s first child with fiance Harry Holm. Samantha also has a daughter Esme, 7, from a previous relationship.

Source: This Is Nottingham

Have you forgotten anything important while adjusting to life with a new baby?

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