August 18, 2011 09:00 AM

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Following the birth of her second daughter Hillary Madison in January, a quick bounce back after baby was a no-brainer for Samantha Harris.

“I’ve always been very health conscious and diligent about wanting to fit into a tight, good pair of jeans again. That was motivation for me,” the Entertainment Tonight host, 37, told PEOPLE during Wednesday’s Kardashian Kollection launch party.

“I’m running after the kids [and] hitting the gym, whether it’s boot camp, cardio class or Bikram yoga.”

However, despite her determination to balance it all — including daughter Josselyn Sydney, 3½ — Harris admits the constant juggling act is anything but easy.

“It gets busy. I’m full time at Entertainment Tonight, designing denim, and being able to spend as much quality time with my husband [Michael Hess] and kids as possible,” she shares.

“Sometimes they are at the studio with me and sometimes I’m racing home as fast as I can from a shoot to make sure I’m there to wake up with them and put them to bed.”

Revealing that her girls “are definitely going to be different” when it comes to their budding personalities, Harris adds that the sisters have already developed a special bond.

“The baby’s incredibly happy and so is Josselyn and that’s all that we can ask for,” she says.”What I love the most is watching [Hillary] giggle so hard when she hears or sees her big sister. That is just the most fun thing ever.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Ward

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