Samantha Harris discusses dropping her pregnancy pounds

E! correspondent and Dancing With the Stars co-host Samantha Harris, 34, became a new mom in late September with the birth of daughter Josselyn Sydney, now 3 months. A fitness buff pre-pregnancy, Samantha kept up her workouts — cardio sculpting and power yoga — at a lower intensity while expecting, and tracked them for Fitness magazine. Gaining 21 lbs during the pregnancy, Samantha has lost 17 lbs so far. The nursing mom says,

I dropped all but 4 pounds two weeks after she was born. Being fit before pregnancy and working out during it helped me lose the weight so quickly. [Now,] I try to eat every four hours — [mini-meals like PB&J on whole wheat or Fage Total Greek yogurt.] It keeps your metabolism even, so you don’t have a sudden urge for sugar, like I do all the time!

Samantha is open about her weight loss, pointing out both the pluses and minuses — for example, she’s not yet back in her pre-pregnancy jeans, and she’s lost a lot of muscle tone.

[It’ll take time to regain my muscle tone.] And if I don’t, I got a wonderful prize with Josselyn, and it doesn’t matter!

One thing Samantha makes sure she does is reward herself.

I have dessert, like frozen yogurt or cookie dough, every night.

Photo by Marc Royce.
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