Samantha Harris scrapbooks with How Fast They Grow

Note: We were asked by How Fast They Grow to remove Samantha’s scrapbook page. Though she gave her permission to share it with their newsletter readers, she didn’t give it to us so we need to respect that. If you’d like the see the latest scrapbook page I created, click Continue Reading. We are working on a cool contest with them so I suggest you start gathering your photos to create your own creative pages!

We’ve written in the past about How Fast They Grow, a digital scrapbooking website. Already a hit with "scrapbook dropout" moms who want to createbeautiful baby books for their children but lack the time or patience, it’s also great for moms who like the idea of scrapbooking but don’t have room(or money) for all the acoutrements needed. Samantha Harris is the newest celebrity fan of How Fast They Grow. She recently designed and ordered $100 worth of pages and albums starring her 4-month-old daughter Josselyn Sydney. She’s especially fond of their Boatman Geller templates.

When the company contacted Samantha to ask permission to share one of her pages with their newsletter subscribers, Samantha replied,

Ican’t tell you enough how AWESOME I think ‘How Fast They Grow’ is forscrapbooking for our new baby girl. I have already told all of myco-workers at E!, who said they want to get a book and gift certificatefor their friends/family. Thank you so much.

Creating stylish and modern layouts on HowFastTheyGrow.comis easy and fast, not to mention money-saving (each page is printed on high quality paper andretails for $7.50).

CBB Deal: Use coupon code CBB to save 15% off your order through March 1st, 2008. If you create any pages, share them with us!

Do you scrapbook? Do you have any tips for beginners for new moms with limited time?

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