"Now that is the spirit of Christmas," Hayek wrote of Valentina's goal on Instagram

Salma Hayek‘s daughter Valentina certainly has her mother’s good heart.

The 8-year-old is growing out her long brown locks in order to donate her hair to make wigs for sick children, according to the Some Kind of Beautiful actress.

Hayek, who shares Valentina with husband François-Henri Pinault, posted a photo of her daughter from behind to Instagram on Sunday. The little girl’s curly hair already reaches down to just below her waist.

“My daughter Valentina is growing her beautiful mane so she can cut it and donate it to make a wig for children with cancer,” Hayek, 49, wrote. “Now that is the spirit of Christmas.”


Salma Hayek/Instagram; Inset: Getty

Organizations like Locks of Love use donated tresses to make wigs for ill children who experience hair loss.

It’s clear Valentina is adhering to her mom’s advice for young girls to stand out and step up.

“I think the most important thing to tell for the new generations is to have the courage to be unique, to be curious about who they are, instead of trying to blend in,” Hayek told reporters in October at Variety‘s Power of Women luncheon.

“The most important thing to say to the girls is to not try to be like the other girls. Not to try to fit in, but to try to really be profound thinkers that are excited about their differences and explore what they are and who they are and what can come out of the new.”

— Lindsay Kimble