British presenter Saira Khan expecting first child

British television presenter Saira Khan, 37, and her husband Steve Hyde are expecting their first child in April and the mom-to-be has a habit that she needs to break — her handbag.

Daily Mail recently caught up with Saira to discuss her handbag and to find out how much it weighs with her items in it. It came to a staggering 11 pounds. Saira’s response was,

As I’m six months pregnant, my husband Steve is always telling me not to fill my handbag, but it’s difficult to change my habits. But I was shocked when I found out my full handbag weighs 11lb. That’s like carrying a bag of potatoes on my back all day, which is quite ridiculous.

I’m a bit of a handbag addict and buy about five good-quality bags a year. This is definitely one of my favorites. After I have my baby, it’ll double up as a trendy baby-changing bag, too.

Source: Daily Mail

Thanks to CBB reader Chloe.

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