Target Home style expert and HGTV designer Sabrina Soto shares her top tips to choosing kid-friendly colors for your child's room.

By peoplestaff225
Updated September 20, 2011 02:00 PM

If you thought choosing your child’s name was hard, try picking the right color for their room.

Do you go with soft blue or bright yellow? Is light beige or brown too neutral?

To make the decision easier, we’ve tapped Target Home style expert and HGTV designer Sabrina Soto for her top tips to finding the perfect paint hue for your kid’s bedroom.

Check them out below:

Play with a combination of bold and fun colors with subtle accents. Try to create a room where kids can feel energetic and alert, but also be able to unwind and get to sleep at night. My favorites are soft yellow and azure. Both give off a refreshing, yet calming vibe.

For some fun options, Target is partnering with Benjamin Moore on an exclusive collection — Ben® Paint — which features 49 kid-friendly colors including Sweet Pink, Inchworm and Mac & Cheese. It’s available starting Sept. 25.

Involve your kids! Why do all the hard work yourself? Not only is it a fun learning experience, but it can also help them develop decision-making skills and a feeling of responsibility.

Don’t underestimate the power of neutrals. There are plenty of opportunities for bright pops of color and patterns in the room with rugs, lampshades and bedding so you don’t have overdo it on the walls. Target’s Circo brand offers lots of matching accessories with fun themes and bright colors.

Make it feel personal. It should be a welcoming space that draws your kid’s attention and makes them feel comfortable. An important thing to remember is that the color you choose will set the mood for the room. Keep your child’s personality in mind when picking a color. For a pop of color in the room, choose reds and oranges. Blues and greens will give the room a calmer, more soothing feel.