Ryder Robinson gets his hair cut!

Yes, it’s true. CBB’s favorite hippie baby has been shorn – well, sort of. Three weeks shy of his third birthday, this mom Kate Hudson said he’d be getting his hair cut, Ryder Robinson debuted a new look. Although it’s not the ponytail-chopping style many CBB readers seemed to be rooting for, Ryder’s hair is no longer down his back – instead, he’s sporting a shoulder length layered look. Very cute!

Unfortunately, as visible in the photos of Ryder and Kate at an Australian airport, the little man appears to have hurt his left arm, which he was wearing in a blue sling.

Ryder wears kids Crocs in their cayman style in navy ($25).

Thanks to Vera at I’m Not Obsessed, as well as CBB readers Diane, Bella and Autumn.

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