February 12, 2016 02:30 PM

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is opening up about country life with wife Blake Lively and raising their little girl, James. Subscribe now for everything about the Sexiest Dad Alive in this exclusive interview, only in PEOPLE!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively‘s 13-month-old daughter James is bringing plenty of joy to their lives.

Reynolds, 39, and James, affectionately nicknamed “Shrimpie,” recently spent an “epic” afternoon together, the actor tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. After running through the house naked, James planted herself on the dog bed, facedown and just laid there.

For a moment, the Deadpool star briefly wondered if she was unconscious.

“But she was fine,” he says. “She was just enjoying the moment, free-styling, totally nude, running through the house.”

That realization made him laugh out loud because “there is nothing better than the idea of ‘Just let me explore and feel everything,’ ” Reynolds says.


The former Sexiest Man Alive can’t help but marvel at how quickly his daughter is growing up. While she can’t say “dog” yet, she already has “Dada” and “Mama” down, and, recently, said balloon “perfectly.”

Although James already has her father “wrapped around her finger,” don’t expect Reynolds to be one of those parents who says his kid is gifted and special.

“My child is utterly average. She may drive past the White House one day, she won’t occupy it,” he says, but then he quickly changes his mind. “I hope she is one day President of the United States. Because think of the perks for me.”

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— Chancellor Agard with reporting by Kate Coyne

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