The "Every Other Memory" singer talks fatherhood and his new family of three with wife Maren Morris
Ryan Hurd and baby
Ryan Hurd
| Credit: Ryan Hurd/ Instagram

Ryan Hurd is social distancing with all his favorite people.

On March 23, amid the coronavirus pandemic, Hurd and wife Maren Morris welcomed their first child together, son Hayes Andrew.

While the new parents have been quarantined in Nashville with their baby, Hurd says they were expecting to enjoy this family time at home anyway.

"Life isn't that different from the way that we planned it, to be honest. We were going to be off the road right now," the singer-songwriter, who recently released his new single "Every Other Memory," tells PEOPLE.

"It's a little harder because we can't really have anybody over to see our baby, but I feel like we're very blessed in that we have avoided a lot of hardships that other artists have had to face, because we haven't had to really cancel many shows," he explains. "We're really lucky to just be here learning how to be a family of three and it's been really an amazing time in our lives."

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Maren Morris Ryan Hurd baby
Maren Morris Ryan Hurd baby
Maren Morris Ryan Hurd baby
Left: Maren Morris and son Hayes | Credit: Maren Morris/Instagram
Center: Ryan Hurd and son Hayes | Credit: Maren Morris/Instagram
Right: Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd with son Hayes | Credit: Maren Morris/Instagram

Hurd, 33, and "My Church" singer Morris, 30, tied the knot back in 2018, five years after they first met while co-writing a song for Tim McGraw. And Hurd was thrilled to expand their family.

"You imagine what it's going to be like, and then it ends up happening — and it feels like you couldn't imagine ever going back to just being the two of you," Hurd says. "So we're really lucky to have him here and have both of them healthy."

The musician — who has written hits for Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan and Lady Antebellum — says welcoming a son has only strengthened his marriage to Morris.

"I feel like the same dude: I just have to wake up a lot more! It's been fun. It makes me feel more responsible to Maren, if that makes sense," says Hurd, who adds Morris — who underwent a cesarean section — is "recovering still, so we try to make sure she's off her feet as much as I can. She's not very patient, so..." [Laughs]

Ryan and Baby
Maren Morris
| Credit: Maren Morris/ Instagram

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Easing into fatherhood has been a natural transition, too.

"The whole first month has sort of been making sure that her relationship with this kid is rock solid and making sure that he's supported," Hurd says. "I change a lot of diapers, and I keep my hands constantly busy cleaning or making bottles and stuff like that."

He continues, "It's mostly just made me hyper-aware of my responsibility to the two of them. But I don't feel like a different human. I still talk to my friends every day and have all my hobbies and still love my work. There's just another part of the equation now."

Ryan Hurd and baby
Ryan Hurd
| Credit: Ryan Hurd/ Instagram

When baby Hayes goes down, the couple is keeping busy.

"We just moved houses, so we're putting this house together still; there's always stuff to do," says Hurd, who adds: "We've been re-watching Mad Men!"

For now, Hurd and Morris are enjoying their time nesting with their son — and his furry new friends, bulldog Pancake and white German shepherd June.

"They're amazing. We introduced them one at a time: We had Pancake here for the first week and then we brought June in a week later. I don't think they understand exactly what he is, but they know not to mess with him. So they'll run up and sniff him a little bit, here and there, but for the most part they are really respectful," Hurd says. "We have a cool little family out here in Nashville."