Russell Crowe tells OK! "It was the right time for me to become a dad"

Russell Crowe spoke to OK! Magazine about his new romantic comedy, "A Good Year," how being dad to two little boys has changed his life.

He is obviously very touched by the joy of parenthood. His boys, Charlie, 2 1/2, and Tennyson, four months old, came at the perfect time in his life. He said, "I’m very blessed. On a daily basis I get to experience a type of joy that I never had before. It was the right time for me to become a dad. I needed that."

What does he think about his sons becoming actors when they grow up? He said,"If either of my boys really want to [go into acting] then I’m not going to stand in the way of it, but I’m certainly not going to create the opportunity because I don’t think that’s healthy. My preference would be that my sons find something far more important to do in their lives."

Source: OK! Magazine, November 13, 2006 issue

Photo: Abaca

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