Russell Wilson Says We Need to 'Coach Kids Harder': We Let Them 'Get Away with Stuff Nowadays'

Russell Wilson opens up about his philosophy when coaching his own kids, son Win Harrison, 20 months, daughter Sienna Princess, 4, and son Future Zahir, 7, whom wife Ciara shares with ex Future

Denver Broncos Introduce Quarterback Russell Wilson
Photo: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Russell Wilson doesn't mess around when it comes to coaching his kids.

The Denver Broncos quarterback, 33, appeared on Wednesday's episode of the podcast Youth Inc. with Greg Olsen, where he chatted about his philosophy when coaching kids in youth sports, and why he thinks we need to "coach them harder."

"How do you turn off your approach to your personal career, and then your approach to working with your children," Olsen asks. "How do you not bring your super high-intense, super perfectionist type mentality and try to implement that on such a young kid?"

Without hesitation, the athlete and father of three says he doesn't "struggle" changing his approach as he simply keeps it the same.

"I don't struggle with it because I just do it. It should be right every time," says Wilson, who is dad to 20-month-old son Win Harrison, daughter Sienna Princess, 4, as well as son Future Zahir, 7, whom wife Ciara shares with ex Future.

"Future for example, he's very talented. One of my pet peeves, with coaching kids these days, is like saying, 'it's okay to tie,' 'it's okay to this, it's okay to that,' " Wilson explains. "Listen, I think it's great for kids to get outside and if they don't win, cool, great. But if a kid has a talent, like a special gift, it's God-given, to me, it's our requirement to coach them and to train them to be the best version of themselves."

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"If they mess up, coach them, right there," the NFL star continues. "Don't over coach them but give them some positive language, give them thoughts and give them some clear coaching points."

Wilson also suggests using imagery when coaching kids, to "give them an image of who they are and who they can be."

"I did this with Future today, when he pitches, for example. Put fire through the glove, literally give them an image," he says. "Throw that fireball right through his glove, burn a hole in his glove. I don't need to tell him much more than that."

"I cannot stand if my kids get a coaching lesson and they're doing something wrong and it's like, 'Okay, next thing.' No, we're gonna fix it right," adds Wilson. "I firmly believe we're just letting our kids get away with stuff nowadays. I think we gotta coach them harder."

Denver Broncos Introduce Quarterback Russell Wilson
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Wilson had the support of his family last month when the Broncos introduced him as the team's new QB.

"My goal is to play 10 or 12 more years and hopefully win three, four more Super Bowls, that's the plan,'' he told reporters at a March 16 press conference at the team's training center in Englewood, Colorado, per ESPN. "That's the mindset. That's why I came here, to finish my career here and hopefully finish on top as a champion. And do it multiple times.''

The NFL star was pictured proudly holding up his new orange jersey (retaining No. 3, which he wore for 10 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks) with Ciara and their kids.

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