June 01, 2004 11:44 PM

So Julia and Danny are pregnant.  This is wonderful news, especially given the (rumored) trouble they had been having trying to conceive over the past couple of years.  Last I heard, they were looking into using a surrogate.  Other celebs currently or recently using surrogates are Joan Lunden, Kelsey Grammer and his wife Camille, and Peri Gilpin.

I’m sure many are speculating whether Julia and Danny used in vitro fertilization (IVF)… to which I say, good for them- it worked!  It doesn’t work for everyone.  And it’s not easy.  The process is very expensive and emotionally and physically draining.  On top of the egg harvesting and implantation, you also have the injected hormones, induced menopause, emotional stress. 

Supposedly, twins run in Julia’s family so if it’s a girl and a boy, it’s just as likely that she conceived the old fashioned way.

Whatever the case, I am happy for them.  It’s none of my damn business how they got their baby.

Having a good friend who has gone through this, I understand how taxing the entire process is, not to mention having to listen to everyone’s position on this.  I feel strongly that this should be a non-issue.  If you want to have a baby, god bless ya anyway you do it.   If you adopt, do IVF, work with a surrogate, etc., you must REALLY want that kid and who am I to say anything? 

I have received some emails about IVF in the past couple of weeks.  If you have a viewpoint on this topic, please post a comment.

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