Update: Tori confirms to People that she is expecting a son. "[Dean and I] are thrilled to be having a son together. Little boys are a ton of fun. We love talking to him. We play tunes for him and watch him kick. He already loves the Dixie Chicks! We went to their concert and he kicked the whole time. Now Jack (Dean’s 8 year old son) will have the baby brother he’s been wanting!"

Originally posted December 8th: In Touch is reporting that actress Tori Spelling is expecting a baby boy with her husband, actor Dean McDermott. A friend says, "She’s overjoyed that she’s having a boy." The couple found out the sex in mid-November, but have not shared it publically.

Tori’s due date in is March. If she does in fact have a boy, the former 90210 star has said she would love to honor her late father, TV super producer Aaron Spelling, and give her son his name for a middle name.

Source: In Touch, Dec. 11th, pg. 32