Some CBB readers are talking about why Julia would be buying more baby gear when she already has stuff from Hazel and Phinnaeus. For most of us, we use handmedowns from our first babies due to financial limitations. BUT if you had money to burn, would you want to buy new stuff for new babies?

Originally posted January 9, 2007:
According to the New York Daily News, Julia Roberts may be pregnant with another set of twins! They cite recent purchases at Beverly Hills’ go-to baby boutique, Petit Tresor, where Julia bought two Bonne Nuit Cherubini cribs ($2,200) and changing tables ($2,450)- just like Diddy and Kim Porter‘s twin girls D’Lila and Jessie have, two gliders, two Moses baskets, and lots of Kaloo toys, totalling over $10,000.

One of our readers suggested that the reason Julia bought two of each is not that she and husband Danny Moder are expecting twins but because she wants to have identical nurseries in their Taos and Malibu homes.

It was widely speculated that Julia and Danny used IVF to conceive their two year old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, but Julia has never confirmed or denied it. IVF pregnancies frequently result in multiples (though not all of the fetuses survive sometimes). We may never know if this new pregnancy is the result of IVF. However, after a woman gives birth vaginally, her cervix is wider and sperm travels better so it’s easier to conceive naturally so she may not have even used IVF. (Hazel and Phinnaeus were delivered via c-section, though.) Also, the fertility issue is not always on the woman’s end- the man is often the one with a sperm count/mobility/etc. issue.

Thanks to CBB reader Chris.