January 20, 2006 03:04 PM

A few readers have emailed me that they saw reports that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with twins and a preliminary Google search shows me that blogs are proliferating the "news."

Currently, the rumor is coming from a few outlets.  UK tabloid The Sun who are quoting a source as saying, "Angelina is overjoyed. Getting pregnant with one of Brad’s children would have been God’s precious gift to her. Now we believe she is carrying twins. Angie is in seventh heaven."  The quote is backed up by another source saying that Angelina underwent fertility treatment to become pregnant.  (And as we all know, fertility treatments can lead to twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. but not all the time!) 

The Globe is riffing on the reports that Angelina collapsed and was treated for cuts on her head due to the fall.  However, they are managing to turn the news around by saying that she is now being considered a high risk pregnancy.  She is currently shooting The Good Shepherd and chances are, the collapse was due to the exhaustion involved in a rigorous schedule while in the second trimester. 

We at the Celebrity Baby Blog are absolutely certain that Angelina is NOT carrying twins.  First of all, there is no credible source confirming any of this, and second of all, this is such a transparent ploy by questionable media outlets to generate buzz and grow readership because a A-list celebrity is pregnant. It doesn’t help when said celeb is treated for an unrelated medical issue or starts showing early.  Most recently, it happened with Britney and how many babies did she have? 

On top of our gut feeling, a source confirmed to me that this twins rumor is absolutely not true.

Media running this bogus story include FemaleFirst, Krone.at (Austria) and RTL TV.  You can tell that a story is not true when only foreign media are breaking the story. 

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