RUMOR: Kate Moss and Pete Doherty expecting?

According to The Sunday Mirror, model Kate Moss, 32, and her boyfriend Pete Doherty, 27, are expecting their first child together. The news was revealed by Doherty’s uncle, Phil Michels on Saturday who told the Mirror: "I have spoken to Pete twice about the baby and he has confirmed that Kate is pregnant." He also added: "That is why they want to get married. Pete told me they want a baby together to cement their marriage. I am made up for them. I wish them every success. They’re so happy, they love each other. I can’t wait for the wedding – we are just waiting for a date." Given the fact that this is the Mirror, we don’t give this rumor much of a base. But only time can tell.

Kate has daughter Lila Grace, 4, with ex-partner Jefferson Hack, while Doherty has son Estile, 3, with former partner Lisa Moorish.

Source: The Sunday Mirror

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