Update: Karen writes back to tell us that this posting has made quite the stir. She emailed the tips box this afternoon to tell us, "Cindy from Northwest Afternoon told her viewers today that she has been swamped with calls since the blog came out and she wants to make clear that Ellen is not pregnant." Although Karen and her husband both thought they heard Cindy say that Ellen "would be needing a real life doctor," Cindy cleared the rumor up on-air today and asked that whoever originally passed the rumor on to us let us know the truth. Thanks Karen!

Originally posted December 24th: CBB reader Karen writes in telling us that Seattle talk show Northwest Afternoon reported yesterday that Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy announced she is expecting her first child with her fiance Chris Ivery. However, no other news outlets have reported anything, and where Ellen supposedly announced this news was not mentioned. Time will tell!

Ellen also talked about the possibility of having children in the December issue of Allure magazine. Further assisting the rumors is the fact that she and Chris got engaged just last month.

What do you think, is Ellen expecting?