Britney Spears welcomes second son - Sutton Pierce, it is!

Update September 15th:, citing ‘a source close to the couple,’ reports that the name is in fact Sutton Pierce. According to, Sutton is a unisex name of English origin, while Pierce, also a unisex name, is of French origin and is a form of Peter.

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Update September 14, 10:40 am: Access Hollywood claims to have confirmed the following details:
-The baby has dark curly hair.
– Britney and Kevin are undecided on a name, but they’re toying with names with the letter "J."
– Most of the combinations of names they came up with had the middle name "James." Therefore, the initials are possibly JJF.

Last night, The Insider said Britney’s baby’s name is Sutton Pierce Federline, however this is pure speculation and stemmed from the Internet rumor we first reported Tuesday morning. Britney and Kevin have not even confirmed the birth themselves yet! When Sean Preston was born a year ago today, the couple made an announcement on Britney’s website the following morning. Perhaps we can expect the same soon for this little one? Conveniently, Britney’s site has a message that states, "Stay tuned! Britney’s new site is in the works!"

Update September 13, 11 am
: Other sites are reporting the name as Sutton Pierce, however, this ‘news’ was first posted by a commenter under the Britney birth post at the Us Weekly website, therefore it is not considered credible at this time.

Update 8:30 pm: People confirms the news. The baby boy was born just before 2 am on Tuesday, September 12th, just as the National Enquirer reported. Baby is reportedly 19 inches long and weighed in at 6 lbs, 11 oz (same as big brother Sean Preston, 11 months, did at birth)! Kevin text messaged friends early this morning with, "Break out the cigars! We got a baby boy in the house!", while Britney’s father Jamie confirmed the news to Access Hollywood.

We’ve also included a super cute picture of Sean Preston looking out the window of Britney’s VIP suite at Cedars-Sinai, courtesy x17. According to their sources, this is the same room that Madonna gave birth to Rocco and Jennifer Garner gave birth to Violet.

Update 4:40 pm: MTV News confirms the birth, but Britney’s rep dismisses reports that the baby is a boy as "speculation."

Update 1:45 pm: We are told that the news is definitely true – Britney and Kevin have welcomed a second son together. Us Weekly also reports the news, saying that a Federline source has confirmed. Expect a press announcement in the next few hours – probably first posted on, as the Spears-Federline camp seems to release all news through them.

Originally posted at 11:45 am: According to the National Enquirer, Britney Spears has given birth to her second child, another boy! Star and OK! Magazines are now reporting the story as well, however, their source is also the National Enquirer.

They claim she gave birth to a 6 lb, 11 oz boy just before 2 am this morning. Their source says, "Kevin [Federline] took Britney to the hospital in the evening hours of September 11 to prepare for the Cesarean birth." They say her mother and sister were present at the birth.

Rumors about Britney’s baby have been that she’s having a girl, that she planned to name her "Jailynn" after her parents’ and sister’s names (Jamie+Lynn+Jamie Lynn), and that she wanted to schedule the C-Section for Sean Preston’s , September 14th. On September 7th, there were false rumors reported by E! last week that she was in labor.

As you know, we take everything we read in the National Enquirer with not just a grain of salt, but an entire salt shaker! We will let you know more when we verify it. However, one of our other sources tells us that they think it’s true!

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