Rumor: Holly Madison spotted at fertility clinic

According to Janet Charlton, Holly Madison is on her way to making her dreams of motherhood a reality. In September, we learned that Holly and her boyfriend Hugh Hefner had been banking Hugh’s sperm for a possible future pregnancy; Now, Janet reports that the couple were recently spotted at a California fertility clinic. Writes Janet in her Hollywood column,

Holly and Hef were seen in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills gynecologist who specializes in in vitro fertilization. Other couples trying to get pregnant were thrilled to see the Playboy mogul in person.   

Holly, 28, has no other children; Hugh, 81, has two teenaged sons, 17-year-old Marston and 16-year-old Cooper, from his marriage to Kimberly Conrad. He also has two adult children with ex-wife Mildred Williams.

Source: Janet Charlton’s Hollywood

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