Controversy has arisen with the news that actress Nicole Kidman’s father Antony Kidman, will deliver her and Keith Urban‘s child, due in July. Antony, a trained mental health specialist and his wife, Janelle Kidman, a trained nurse, are rumored to be the people who will deliver the eldest daughter’s child. The couple also delivered their younger daughter Antonia Kidman‘sfourth child, Sybella Ann, last year.

However, experts have said that this is not to be encouraged. Dr. Raymond Martyres, chairman of the professional peer support program for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners said:

AMA national president Rosanna Capolingua added that there’s no decree forbidding a doctor treating a family member, and that "there’s no ethical dilemma but we recommend that it’s probably wiser to have other doctors take care of family members, because if something goes wrong, questions of blame and responsibility can become complicated." Dr Capolingua also said that she’d hope to see an obstetrician standing by, ready to assist if something were to go wrong. Also of note is the fact that medical indemnity insurance won’t cover a doctor when treating a family member.

The main concern seems to be in regards to clouded judgment and inadequacy of skills — it is not known whether Dr. Kidman is qualified to deliver the child.

Source: The Age

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