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Updated September 10, 2007 08:20 PM

Although Jillian Barberie Reynold‘s maternity leave came to an end this morning as she marked her return to the set of Good Day LA, her job of co-host comes with certain perks — like the ability to chat live, on-air with husband Grant Reynolds and their 2-month-old daughter Ruby Raven. The segment was kept secret by the show producers and Grant, who worked together to surprise Jillian. Ruby is a very mellow baby, as is made evident in this video, leading Jillian — who at one time famously claimed that she would never have children — to sing a different tune entirely.

The baby was even unfazed by her mom’s drastically different appearance yesterday as Jillian, 40, returned to her other job presenting weather conditions for Fox NFL Sunday.

If Ruby’s love of makeup and hair extensions continues into her formative years, Jillian joked that she would put the hobby to good use, telling the audience that "if she’s cute, I’m putting her into modeling."

Ruby is the first child for the couple, who were married in July 2006.

Source: Good Day LA

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