An astrologer takes a look at the newborn prince's chart

By K.c. Blumm
July 22, 2013 06:00 PM
Andy Rain/EPA/Landov

Prince William‘s son will be a chip off the old block in more ways than one! The little prince, who was born at 4:24 p.m. Monday, will be a “shy, gentle child,” London-based astrologer Yasmin Boland tells

“If William and Kate went to an astrologer to have their baby’s chart done, they would be told that they have a very sensitive child who needs a lot of nurturing,” Boland says. “But being a Cancer, he’ll be a self-starter and very dynamic when he grows up.”

The baby was born under the same sign as his father and late grandmother, Princess Diana, which Boland says means the future king of England will be “just gorgeous. He’ll be handsome and a really caring king and father – very nurturing.”

And the couple’s first-born has a Capricorn moon (the same star sign as Kate), which indicates he’ll be ambitious and a very hard-worker, who “will have a very developed sense of history.” But he won’t be all about business and no pleasure.

“The royal baby has Scorpio rising, and Scorpio is a very sexy sign,” Boland adds. “So there’ll be aspects of his life that will be shrouded in a bit more mystery – he will very much have a private life, and (unlike his Uncle Harry) not everything he does will be on show for all the world to see.”

But will the baby grow up to be perfect husband material like his dad? “He’s a caring Cancerian male with a sexy Scorpio exterior, add to that that he’s a prince and rich – he’ll be at the top of every eligible bachelor’s list when he grows up!”

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