Romeo Beckham has epilepsy

It has been revealed that Romeo Beckham, 4, the middle son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham has epilepsy. After a variety of stints in hospital since he was one, their doctor confirmed that he has the brain condition that causes seizures/convulsions. Sufferers of the condition often have to take medication for the rest of their lives and in the worst case scenario, a seizure can lead to possible death.

This was revealed after photographers tried to get photos of Romeo at the airport last week. Romeo furiously covered his face and once in the car, Victoria tried to protect him. She then angrily told the photographers, "He’s got epilepsy…all that flashing will start an epileptic fit…you can’t do that."

The photographers were from Splash News and the owner Kevin Smith announced that they will no longer be photographing Romeo or his family when he is in their company. Adding that, "No photo is worth putting a child’s life in danger."

We now have the policy that we no longer post photos where parents or the child are attempting to shield themselves from photographers. We will therefore not be posting these pictures. However, News of the World has posted one picture at the link, that we had to include due to it being the source of information.

Source: News of the World

Thanks to CBB emailer "babys on fire"

Has anyone had any experience with epilepsy affecting their children?

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