Rodney Atkins talks about raising teenaged daughters

If you’re a teenaged boy and you’re got an interest in Rodney Atkins’ two teenaged daughters Lindsey and Morgan, consider yourself warned! In his new single ‘Cleaning The Gun,’ the 38-year-old country singer touches upon the delicate — and at times awkward — relationship between fathers, daughters, and would-be boyfriends. It’s a subject Rodney is familiar with.

When I married my wife I inherited two pretty little stepdaughters, Lindsey and Morgan. Lindsey and Morgan are now teenagers and so I’m dealing with teenage boys coming around the house now. 

I’ve done crazy stuff, you know, from cleaning a gun to standing behind the door and firing up a chainsaw, you know, just to be funny.  And I get to know the boys and we have fun. The song was just perfect for my kind of twisted sense of humor.

In addition to Lindsey and Morgan, Rodney and his wife Tammy have a 6-year-old son, Elijah.

Source: Great American Country

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