Speaking with TV’s Extra, rocker Tommy Lee dished about his parenting partnership with his ex-wife actress/ famed pinup girl Pamela Anderson. The couple, who were married for three years, share custody of their two kids, 10-year-old Brandon and 8-year-old Dylan.
According to Tommy, Pam is more lenient with their sons and "kind of lets them get away with murder." He says his two boys are "very spoiled" but he can’t blame it all on Pam.

"I think it’s a combined effort," He said. "I think I am (the stricter parent)."

While Pam is away on her honeymoon to fellow rocker Kid Rock, it is expected that Tommy will be in charge of his two boys. He says that his once infamous partying antics are no longer a part of his lifestyle, at least not when his kids are around.

"You have kids and you realize you can’t be that guy 24/7. You can be that guy when it’s time and you have to be a dad when it’s time."