In a new twist on the ever-expanding reality tv genre, MTV has unveiled its latest contribution — Rock The Cradle. The live, weekly, eight-episode show will have a format similar to that of the immensely popular American Idol. Instead of featuring the voices of relative unknowns, however, Rock The Cradle will feature the voices of those who are decidedly known — by their celebrity parentage, at least.

The contestants include Eddie Money’s daughter Jesse, Dee Snider’s son Jesse Blaze, Tom Johnston’s (of Doobie Brothers fame) daughter Lara, M.C. Hammer’s daughter A’keiba, Bobby Brown’s son Landon, Al B Sure’s son Lil Al B Sure, Kenny Loggins’ son Crosby, Olivia Newton John’s daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi and Joe Walsh’s (of the Eagles) daughter Lucy.

At a recent photoshoot the cast came together for the first time and discovered not only common ground, but mutual admiration for one another. Said Jesse Blaze,

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Lucy said the decision to compete on the show was an easy one.

Landon said a love of competition motivated him to participate. But those who are looking for a Bobby Brown-like performance might be in for a disappointment, Landon says, adding,

M.C. Hammer, who attended the photoshoot, says he’ll be proud of A’keiba — whom he describes as a "hard working girl" — regardless of her finish on the show.

Rock the Cradle premiers April 3.

Sources: People, Reuters