Rock & Rattle: For the littlest rockstar in your life

By CBB Guest Reviewer: Louise B.

There are several reasons why I love the internet; I can connect with friends around the globe, find out information in an instant or simply discover new things. MySpace has been a great source for me to discover new music and stay connected with bands that don’t get a lot of mainstream coverage.

I recently had a song stuck in my head for a life changing event in my life; I ran my very first half marathon. That night, I searched for the band The Saint Alvia Cartel so I could add the song, Don’t Wanna Wait Forever, to my profile and add them to my "friends." Normally, I don’t get bands sending me messages but this time I did. Greg Taylor, one of the singers and guitar player/producer noticed I have two boys and invited me to check out his clothing line for children. And this is where I discovered Rock & Rattle, a very hip, not too harsh, rock and roll clothing line for babies and toddlers.

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I love the punk rock, do-it-yourself attitude. Greg and his wife Shastahave the right combination of wanting to produce a line that matchestheir lifestyle and continues their creative outlet. Shasta is akindergarten teacher and teaches dance and baton (how cool is that?);while Greg has a background in graphic design and, of course, music.How they do all of that and have little girl, Kohana, I don’t know!

I have never been a fan of slogan tees. In fact, I don’t like cuteanimals or using my boys as company billboards. But, I do love originalart and design. The Tie shirt (right) is so very cute. Balthazar, my almostfour year old, will be wearing this matched with a worn pair of Levisto his Valentine’s day party. I can totally picture Kingston Rossdale wearing this aroundtown too!

Kaleb loves his new hoodzie (above left) with removable Mohawk. The bright red Mohawkmakes it easy to spot him in a crowd. Washing is a snap, simply velcrooff the Mohawk before washing. All Rock & Rattle t-shirts andhoodies are American Apparel, 100% cotton sweatshop free. This makes itan easy choice for me.

They do carry tees and hoodzies for girls, too as well as onesies, bibsand beanies. The Bamboo line for girls is very cute. I think DaveGrohl’s daughter Violet would look amazing in the long sleeve lavendershirt.

Rock & Rattle is available in a few Canadian stores, since they are aCanadian company, and in the States but you can easily buy online. I can’t wait for the new designs!

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