Robin Williams talks fatherhood

Robin Williams’ gorgeous daughter, 17-year old Zelda Ray, made her acting debut alongside her father in the 2004 film House of D. Her proud papa says Zelda’s performance was almost as rewarding as her behavior on the set. "The greatest compliment of all was that she was not only a good actress; she was also kind to people. She treated all the other kids well. She ate lunch with everybody. She did not have an attitude with them and was decent with all the crew. People said, ‘Your daughter is good but she is also nice.’" Robin’s eldest son, 26-year old Zachary is not interested in show biz at all. Robin says, "he has a degree in Linguistics and wants to study to be a lawyer." Meanwhile, Robin jokes that his 14-year old son Cody Alan is a "Ninja poet. He is the kid who writes dark poetry."

No matter what path his children take in life, Robin is deeply grateful for their presence. Zachary’s birth inspired Robin to quit drinking and using drugs, because, he says, "I wanted to be awake and aware… I did not want to miss anything that they do or say." The famous funnyman wisely notes, "You are pretty much on drugs anyway when you have a kid. You are awake. You are covered in sh**. But it’s okay, you know?" Robin says that he is committed to treasuring every memory of his kids’ lives. "If I had a choice to erase from my life something, I would leave all the memories of my children…even the memories when they misbehave because it is still extraordinary."

Source: Philippine News

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