Robin Thicke: Julian Has 'Changed My Life'

"Julian has changed my music and made me think less of myself. He is an angel, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me," says his father.

Finding somebody cuddly to love has changed Robin Thicke.

The Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter believes his 20-month-old son Julian Fuego with his wife, actress Paula Patton, has made him less selfish and a better performer.

“Since I’ve become a dad, I no longer perform for me, I perform for my family,” the recording star, 34, told PEOPLE at Friday’s Fendi Casa Luxury Living and Beats by Dr. Dre party during Art Basel in Miami, where Thicke sang several songs.

“Julian has changed my music and made me think less of myself. He is an angel, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

Thicke, who debuts his new album, Love After War, this Tuesday, wrote its 17 songs during the past year and a half that he took off to care for Julian. Some of the songs reflect his life changes and new status as a dad.

“I wrote one song called ‘Never Give Up’ to encourage Julian to fight back when he faces problems in life,” Thicke tells PEOPLE.

He also wrote songs about feeling insecure to reflect the stresses he and Patton faced when Julian first arrived.

“It was hard when we became parents, because we had to balance our careers with this new person in our lives,” says Thicke.

“I lost my mojo for awhile. But finally we hit a rhythm, and we are more in love than ever and so supportive of each other. We’re both crazy about our son.”

With Thicke launching his album, and Patton touring different countries with Tom Cruise to promote their new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Julian has been separated from his parents for two weeks.

“This is the longest either Paula or I have been away from Julian and it is hard for both of us,” says Thicke, who adds that Patton’s mom is babysitting. “We talk to him constantly on Skype, and he seems to understand his parents are off doing their thing, which is good for him.”

Already, Julian has begun to dance and loves to visit his dad in the music studio. He walks up to the microphone and lets Thicke know he wants to play piano and drums. The little guy also does pushups and has begun to emulate his mom doing yoga.

“Julian is an old soul,” says Thicke with a laugh. “In two weeks, I fly to Los Angeles and grab him so we can be together in New York for his mother’s movie premiere. We are all about family.”

— Linda Marx

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