Robeez Ventures into the Hundred Acre Woods

While being barefoot throughout baby’s first year is best, it’s not always practical. Next to bare feet, the best thing for baby to wear are these soft soled, skid-resistant, comfortable shoes by Robeez. Recommended by medical professionals, Robeez are making their appearance everywhere, and should definitely be a "must-have" baby item on your list.

Worn with socks or just bare feet, Robeez are sure to stay on with their strong but supple elasticized ankle band. As long as you purchase the correct size, these shoes will never leave marks on baby’s feet. The best part of course, is that you can throw them in the wash when they get dirty. Simply re-shape the shoes when the wash is done and lay flat to dry. How easy and effortless!

Robeez launched ‘one honey of a new collection’ this month, featuring Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and Friends. Available in Eeyore, Tigger, Winnie Pooh, and Piglet, these new shoes come in a selection of colors and sizes from newborn to 24 months. Celebrities who were gifted with a pair of Winnie Pooh Robeez include Ming-Na, Dayanara Torres, Nicole Ari-Parker, Luke Perry, Chris Harrison, and Robert Knepper. Ming-Na was quoted in the June issue of People Magazine saying that she, “can’t live without my Robeez shoes… They’re great for when they learn to walk because they’re not slippery and they don’t slip off”.

Many parents choose Robeez not only because they stay on, but because they protect baby’s feet and also keep them warm during the cooler months. With so many new colorful styles (over 80 designs total), it’s so hard to choose just one pair. See for yourself! You can also check out the FAQs page of their informative website to find out if Robeez are for your baby.

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