Robeez: Keep toes warm this winter

As a new mom you are often asked what your “must have” itemsare. Most times these include things like changing pads, diaper bags and slingsso my answer – Robeez booties – always raises a few eyebrows.

My daughter received her first pair of pink booties from afamily friend. Her first winter was a cold one and though I really liked the bootiesfor their cuteness, I absolutely loved them for theirfunctionality. My sister bought her a second pair in brown for Christmas and I kidyou not when I say that she lived in those boots in her first year. When the good weather started rolling aroundvery late in May I found myself wishing it away so I could stuff her littletoes into the soft fur of her Robeez booties.

I’m sure that you’d have guessed it but now that we arefinally getting some cold weather over here in New York,my little girl is walking around in her newest pair of Robeez booties, thistime in cream. I am not alone in my love for the furry footwear. Booties are awinter favorite among celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Liv Tyler too. I willoften spot pictures of Liv’s son Milo wearing hisbooties (he owns them in both navy and cream). And recently the Wall Street Journal voted Robeez booties “best overall”in their product review.

Robeez bootiesoffer you the same quality we have come toexpect from Robeez shoes and, as always, are recommended as the next best thingto bare feet. The booties have a doubleband of elastic that makes it easy to get them on and off (but not easy forbaby to remove on his own) and the plush lining is so inviting you’ll wishthey made them in your size too!

Just in time for the holidays Robeez has also unveiled fournew limited edition designs. You can choose from blue or pink penguins, reindeeror, my favorites, pastel blue snowflakes.

Even more exciting, Robeez now offers four different sets ofmatching apparel to coordinate with their footwear. They include bibs, hats,onesies and t-shirts in matching monkey, kitty, bear cub and garden party designs.Robeez apparel would definitely make a great holiday or new baby gift.

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