Finding shoes for toddlers can be a royal pain — some are too stiff, some are too thin, some are just ugly. I wished I could just rewind and go back to using the cute, soft-soled Robeez we had for my daughter as an infant. Then I found out about Robeez Tredz!

On February 4, these new, super-flexible,toddler shoes will be available. Robeez has managed to put everything parents loveabout their Soft Soles, including a stay-on elastic ankle, healthy footdesign, and adorable and fashionable styles, in a shoe that’s safe for hitting the streets. Robeez says about their new shoes,

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I was very excited to actually testthese new shoes out and see if they did what they were supposed to.And, I’m happy to report they delivered on every promise. First of allthe shoes themselves are really well-crafted, with a soft leatherconstruction and cushioned insoles, I didn’t worry about them holdingup to my toddler’s rough ways. They also fit my child’s foot reallywell and she had no problems running, jumping or even walking in them.

I loved the bright, springtime print of the Birdy T-Strap pair Itested and my daughter seemed to be into them also. In fact, I foundher carrying them around the house and putting them on at random times!I was also impressed at how easy they were to put on and yet slightlymore difficult to take off for her. My daughter takes of her shoes andsocks at every chance, a very big pet peeve of mine! So the fact thatthe velcro straps that hold these shoes on are as strong and long asthey are is excellent. The strap doubles over, with a long velco patchto adhere to, creating a much more difficult closure for little hands.

Robeez Tredz ($42) come in 22 designs (12 for girls and 10 for boys) and are available in sizes 12-16 months, 16-20 months, and 20-24 months. Find your pair at boutiques and specialty department stores nationwide plus online at Check out their site for an exclusive contest to win a pair before you can buy them!