Ricki Lake discusses documentary at benefit screening

When she decided on a home birth for her second son, Owen, 6, former talk show host Ricki Lake says she had no idea that the experience would prove to be the impetus for a documentary…nor that the birth, itself, would be viewed by thousands of strangers. Talking to People Wednesday night after a benefit screening of her new film The Business of Being Born, Ricki noted that — six years later — "it is a little late to be ambivalent" about the decision to include footage from Owen’s birth.

It was a very tough choice, but I didn’t document the birth to show it to anybody. If I had, I would have done three things differently: I would have had better lighting, I would have removed the shampoo bottles behind my head, and I would have worn a shirt. I forgot that they were [filming] it.

Although this morning Ricki insisted on the Today show that she’s not "anti-doctor" or "anti-hospital," The Business of Being Born strongly advocates home births and midwifery under the theory that there is a direct correlation between the rise in inductions and demand for epidurals with the rise in Caesarian deliveries. The film seems to have made a point with at least one celebrity mom. Keri Russell, who attended the Wednesday night screening, called The Business of Being Born "an inspiring, informative documentary." She added,

It really changed the way I thought about birth in an important way.

Keri is mom to River Russell, her 7-month-old son with husband Shane Deary. Ricki also has a 10-year-old son Milo. The Business of Being Born is now playing in limited release.

Source: People

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