Reviews: dearjohnnies

Here is a productthat falls into the “wish I found it when I was pregnant” category. dearjohnnies is a line of whimsical, 100%cotton, comfortable, hospital gowns that can be worn during and afterlabor.

Aside from theobvious (they are super-cute), I think this is the most genius idea ever for somany reasons. For one, they actually snap down the back to cover yourbutt. Thank you! For another, they comewith these great shoulder snaps to make breastfeeding easier. So, not only do you not have to undressyourself entirely every time you want baby to take your breast, you also lookawesome while hubby is snapping those first pictures (okay, maybe you won’tlook so great after labor but this will definitely help). Then, after you move into your own room youcan wear your dearjohnnies gown to receive visitors. It’s SO much more comfortable to be in a gownbut so unfashionable to be wearing the hospital gown so this is a greatsolution.

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