Two Great Travel Items

We just took our daughter on her first weekend away for Thanksgiving and I brought along two things that made the weekend much more enjoyable:

The first was the Boppy Rock In Comfort Travel Swing. I own the Fisher Price Pappasan swing and the Rainforest swing and I must say, I think I love this more than both of those combined. First of all, it takes up barely any room. It has a two position recline and a very comfortable head pillow that can be removed as baby grows. It really cradles the baby so it’s very soothing. It also plays 5 different melodies that are actually nice to listen to, not that typical annoying garbled noise. There are 6 different speeds, which can be set up on a timer or you can keep it moving continuously. It folds up nice and easy and doesn’t take up too much room. It also has a lock so it can just be used as a regular seat. We are going away again in 2 weeks and have already decided we are going to FedEx the swing (along with some other items) ahead of time because we loved it so much. I honestly wish I just bought this and didn’t have the two other bulky swings that take up tons of room in my house.

Not sure how you felt, but I was scared out of my mind giving baths to my daughter for many weeks. 11 weeks later I am finally getting used to it, but I don’t think I was using the right tub. For our trip, I ordered the Summer Infant Mothers Touch Deluxe Baby Bather (that’s a mouthful!) I loved it so much I am getting rid of my other infant bath tub (the hammock one that everyone said was SO great – I didn’t agree). Not only does this fold up easily and incredibly light weight, but it dries fast and has a two position back rest. It also is nice and wide and is a little higher on the sides so baby doesn’t fall out. I used this in a sink on our trip but I am planning on getting an inflatable tub to put it in until I can use the main tub when our daughter gets bigger. Love, love, love it!

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