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Updated October 16, 2007 04:00 AM

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a little thing aboutshoes. I love buying them for myself andI love probably even more so (though I’m almost ashamed to admit it) buyingthem for my daughter.

Seriously, there is probably only one thing more adorablethan great kid-sized shoes and that is well-made kid-sized shoes. Because whileyes, I’ll easily sacrifice quality for fashion when it comes to my own feet, Iwon’t do that when it comes to my daughter’s.

Over the past year I’ve had the incredibly pricelessopportunity to sample a wide variety of toddler shoes on my very active kid andtoday I share my favorites with you. (Please note that all the brands I mention make shoes for boys as well but since I don’t have a little boy I can’t vouch for them).

Armani Baby

Once I bought my daughter her first pair of boots (riding boots atthat) I got hooked. Catie owns four pairs of boots right now thoughsadly she is growing out of her oldest, most worn-in pair. I must saythen that I let out a little squeal of delight when I first saw thispair from Armani Baby. A favorite of the Cruise family (the label of choice for Suri and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at their Italian wedding), Armani Baby is clearly Giorgio Armani’stoddler line. Though a little pricey, I always like to point out thatwith a well-made boot it is worth the money. This is the type of shoethat can be worn all winter long, over jeans or with a skirt. However,I will admit that with these boots in particular, I get really antsy every time it rains because of the suede! I love theseboots and will often laugh at my daughter because she calls them herlittle ponies!

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My Little One’s Shoes

Ialways get a little excited when I see the same types of shoes that Iwore as a child. Mostly boot-type shoes with a sturdy sole that youcould run around in comfortably but still be dressed up. When I waslittle, these shoes were impossible to find in the States, so my momand grandmother would always stock up on our summer trips to Spain.The first time I saw My Little One’s ShoesI was instantly reminded of these shoes I wore as a little girl, exceptthat the designs were even better (no one would ever think to mix pinkand brown for a shoe in the early 80s!), and the leather an unbelievablequality. I also love the fact that the shoes come with a removableinsole with a dotted line so that you know if the shoe still fits or ifit’s time to move on to a bigger size. Another thing thatstands out about these shoes is that the boy designs are just asadorable as the girl ones — something hard to find in this industry.

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Peche D’Amour

You know when you find a product that isn’t very popular where you live but you really love it? That is the case with Peche D’Amour — really awesome shoes but no one I know seems to know the brand yet. Still, I never mind being a trendsetter and these shoes really are wonderful. The thing I like the most about them is how different they are, and I use that word in the absolute best sense. Peche D’Amour shoes are simply eye-catching and incredibly unique Moms who have a creative streak will find themselves drawn to this line. I also love the rubber soles which are flexible enough that Catie can easily run around the park in them. However, the leather is a little soft so I try to put these boots on for playtime if I can help it. for purchasing information.


The first time I laid eyes on Pediped shoes I was smitten. What can I say, I have a thing about shoes! I am that crazy mom that put them on my non-walker and Pediped shoes are perfect for the kid who isn’t quite walking yet. We all know that soft-soles are best to learn in, right? Well these shoes have the softest soles and also come in the cutest styles. And though I haven’t yet seen them, I know they just recently said they are coming out with a rubber-soled version in the Spring so I’m really looking forward to checking those out too.

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See Kai Run

These were my favorite shoes when my daughter was on that cusp where she had just started to walk but hadn’t quite mastered the art of running all over the place yet. It was a great time in our lives! These shoes are not only adorable, but they are soft enough for new feet to really learn their way, yet sturdy enough to make it on the playground. I will admit though that once she got past 18-months, we had to move on from them because the leather is just so soft that they scuff very easily. They are incredible shoes though and I actually miss them because every season the styles get cuter and cuter.

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I really love a nice mary jane and these shoes from Venettini have quickly become favorites. These are pretty much my go-to shoes on a daily basis seeing as how they go with everything and are strong enough to stand the wear and tear of a 2-year-old who loves to practice her jumping. I also have to say that of all the shoes I’ve seen, I love all Venettini’s shoes, most especially their dressier ones. Though the leather is a little harder than most shoes for a kid this age, it’s necessary if you want to get good use out of them. for purchasing information.

Pliner JRS

For my sister’s wedding this summer we bought her ballet flats and I loved them so much that she now owns three pairs (two don’t fit yet — I’m not that nuts!). Pliner JRS is the kids line of the Donald J. Pliner line of shoes and his ballet flats are to die for. The leopard pair pictured here have seriously made people stop us on the street. Catie can walk around in them with no problem (I was really concerned that they would fall off her feet but it’s not an issue) with or without tights. Pliner JRS also has more casual shoes (and boots!) if you are looking for a shoe that’s more everyday wear. for purchasing information.

Vincent Shoes

Despite everything I am still deeply enamored with Vincent Shoes. I’ve written about my love for these shoes several times already (read my reviews here and here) and the simple fact is that at this stage in my daughter’s life, they are what we need: sturdy and affordable shoes that also look great. We are going on six months of wearing the style pictured here and they are still going strong. Really, is there anything more convincing that I could say? Simply stated, these are wonderful shoes.

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What are some of your favorite shoes for your toddler? Moms of boys — we want to hear your suggestions too!!!