Results: Does Suri Cruise exist?

Suri Cruise, love child of couch-jumping action hero Tom Cruise and his lady love Katie Holmes, has yet to be seen in public so of course everyone has been wondering, "Where’s Suri?" US Weekly even has a clock on their home page that has been ticking since her birth (as of July 3rd, she’s 76 days old).

Like babies who don’t believe something exists unless they can see it (it’s called object permanence), many people are even wondering if Suri Cruise even exists! So we asked our readers what they thought and WOW…

So far 6,100 people have responded and an overwhelming number of you, 36% to be exact, think the pregnancy was faked! 26% believe Tom and Katie are just shielding their child from the paparazzi, 19% believe Tom is keeping her hidden until his next movie premiere, and 18% said the Church of Scientology has custody of her! (Did you not get a chance to vote? It’s not too late- vote now.)

Our poll was meant in jest but as the comments show, some people feel really strongly about their theories. Some of the ideas floated by readers included:

  • that the pregnancy was faked and Suri was adopted
  • that Katie was pregnant before she and Tom hooked up, and that she gave birth earlier and the latter part of the pregnancy was faked
  • that though she conceived while with Tom, he is not the genetic father and Suri looks nothing like him
  • that Suri has some kind of unattractive physical attribute that Tom and/or Katie do not want made public
  • that Tom has paid off the paparazzi not to take her photo
  • that Suri has not yet been outside of Tom’s estate (the most likely reason in my opinion), with some people thinking that Child Protective Services should be called (!!!)
  • For me, this begs the question… do you want to see Suri Cruise? (Click the extended post for the poll!)

    (Please note: I meant to write Suri Cruise below but it’s too late to change the survey without erasing everyone’s answers.)

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