CBB reader Jessica L., emailed us with a query of as to whether Reese Witherspoon is possibly pregnant. Reese is married to Ryan Phillippe and they already have two children, Ava, 6, and Deacon, 2. The dress and the pattern seem to fuel rumors that Reese had a slight bump. Her tummy seemed more prominent at the awards, considering her normally tiny figure. It seems like it would be a good time for Reese to have another child as she said several times at the Oscars that she has no work and that she is unemployed currently. Then again, we saw Reese drinking champagne at the Oscars, and turned up to the Oprah set the next day hungover.

What do you think-could another gorgeous Phillippe-Witherspoon baby be on the way?

Thanks to CBB reader Jessica L.


Sarah’s note: I vote no. Reese has sported a small post-baby paunch since giving birth to Deacon in 2003, and I think the dress just accentuated it a bit.