By peoplestaff225
November 07, 2005 06:58 AM

Reese, while being interviewed for her role in Walk The Line, talked with Access Hollywood about the issue of paparazzi and her children. She talks of calling the police in fall 02, right after the birth of Deacon, when she was being pursued by five cars. Reese reveals. She says, "They said, ‘Who is this?’ I said, ‘My name is Reese Witherspoon…I am being followed by five cars and I have two small children. They are trying to chase me off the road and I am terrified…They said, ‘Well aren’t you famous?’ And I said ‘Yeah,’ [and she replied] ‘Don’t you think it’s paparazzi?’ "I said, ‘I don’t know who they are. They could be crazy people." Reese then asked Billy, "In what world is it okay to chase a woman and her two small children anywhere?"

Billy then asked Reese if she does anything to avoid the paparazzi. Reese answered, "I’ve changed schools. I’ve moved houses twice. I have to change rental cars every three weeks…" Billy was surprised at her rental car situation, on which Reese elaborated, "I think I drove home [from the hospital] with my son in the back of a Pinto or something…They’ll never find me in a bright yellow Pinto!"

Source: Access Hollywood